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Trigger Point Massage Therapy For Chronic Back Pain

Trigger point massage, a type of massage therapy that is targeted at specific areas of the back. The muscles are contracted into painful fibrous nodules. Sometimes, they are referred to as trigger points. They can be extremely sensitive to even the even the tiniest touch. Nodules appear when muscles are stressed or overstretched and become embedded in scar tissue. Trigger point therapy is a treatment that targets the inflammation and shrinking of the nodules, which eases the pain that can be associated with this condition.

Although this form of massage therapy is known for its efficacy in relieving back and neck pain, it's only recently been acknowledged. Traditionally, trigger point therapy was utilized to treat whiplash and related injuries, as in sports-related injuries. Trigger point therapy assists to reduce muscle spasms and inflammation and stiffness, as well as pain. It does this by increasing blood flow and circulation which helps to ease discomfort and speed the healing process. In addition to these positive health benefits, Trigger point massage also provides a host of attractive personal advantages, including the ability to assist people relax. Trigger point massage is a great way to get relief from anxiety and stress that can lead to chronic pain.

There are four main types of trigger points and they all cause pain when they become activated. They are often referred to as Tinel's zones of Tensor hyperalgesia, myofascial trigger points , and Tensor bands. Along with being painful, each of these locations can result in other health issues including headaches, difficulties breathing, numbness, pain , and sometimes infection. Trigger point therapy seeks to address all of these issues by targeting the knots found within each of the affected muscles.

Trigger point therapy is a simple technique. The massage therapist starts by working through a gentle sequence of relaxing stretches. These targeted stretches increase flexibility and loosen muscles, that prepare them for more intense massage. 동춘동출장안마 When you are in a state of relaxation, knots that are causing the discomfort will release gradually, one by one. The process will continue until the discomfort has gone. This allows muscles to be completely stretched and ready to go again.

In certain Trigger point therapy treatments in some Trigger point therapy procedures, trigger points are targeted by applying pressure directly on them. Massage therapists use an even, steady pressure for a few minutes. Fractional Therapy is a process that focuses on a particular area such as the neck and shoulders. The procedure can be repeated many times a day, and takes approximately five to 10 seconds.

Another technique Trigger point therapy utilizes is applying sustained muscle tension for a set amount of time. Trigger point therapy is comparable to fractional therapy, in that the therapist uses a steady, slow pressure for a couple of minutes and then eases the pressure in a temporary manner until the muscles begins to relax. This is also beneficial in cases of mild muscle pain. Trigger point massages can be used to apply light electric current to trigger points. This is a common technique for some practitioners. The treatment may take anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds. Certain therapists prefer to focus on specific muscles by applying electric current directly on the knots, which is called galvanic acupuncture.

Trigger point treatments may be administered by a professional or at the home. A lot of people favor Trigger points or self-massage with muscle fibres, but it's not advised to be used as a treatment of choice for muscle pain or injury. It should always be done under the supervision of a professional. Self-massage using trigger point techniques should be handled with care and supervision.

Trigger point therapy uses specific targeted pressure to ease pain and tension

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